10m Slingshot Key HD Kitesurf Kite + Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard (ltd graphic edition) 138cm Kitesurf Board10m Slingshot Key HD Kitesurf Kite + Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard (ltd graphic edition) 138cm Kitesurf Board
SLINGSHOT KEY HD: The Slingshot KEY HD kite is for the rider who demands safety, convenience, stability and effortless relaunch in an easy, no hassle package. The Key HD features unmatched range, superb upwindability and instant depower.

The Slingshot KEY HD features the Hybrid Delta canopy.

Benefits to the freeride minded rider are unmatched range, superb upwindability, easy water relaunch, instant 100% depower and safety in a clean uncomplicated package.

Bundled with the KEYCHAIN control bar
•Hybrid Delta canopy shape - unmatched range, effortless relaunch in any condition, superb upwind, unmatched in-flight stability with lofty vertical boost
•5 Strut Design - solid feel through all areas of the wind window
•One Pump - Single point inflation system
•CFI Attachment Points - provides custom options for depower bar and bar pressure
•Ballastic Aramid Scuff guards on every segment seam - prevents overall wear and tear
•Mark cloth reinforced trailing edge - increasing durability
•Compact Bridle - in-flight stability and eliminates the risk of tangles
•Strut tight tail pipes - prevents line tangle issues
•Ergonomic nipple placement - less overall drag

CRAZYFLY ALL ROUND KITEBOARD 138CM (ltd edition graphic) Our Allround is a great combination of high quality, amazing performance and reasonable price. This line of boards has always been known for the above reasons, and the 2010 Allround is not an exception.

Full transparent wood has become a must for our Allround boards and together with cool graphics they give the board more than an average look. CNC shaped full wood core and beveled ABS side walls enhance the unbelievable upwind ability, flex and pop which enable the board to be used by a wide range of riders. CrazyFly Allround is ready to be pushed to its limits on water by begginers, intermediate and advanced riders. Please be prepared to feel the quality under your feet. New Allround is better equipped with accessories than the previous years model. It has Super light weight dual density EVA pro footpads, G10 fins and new Quick Fix system II.

The heart of the kiteboard is its core, so we paid great attention to choose the right materials for the production of CrazyFly kiteboards. We have decided to choose the lightest and overall the best available wood for cores in the snowboarding industry. The wood is a continuous one piece from tip to tip without any joints, because every joint causes a breaking point. We called this tip to tip technology and this allows the wood to maintain its natural flex properties, which are essential for excellent flex and pop of CrazyFly boards.

This year we have put a lot of effort in improving small, but important details on the boards. We heavily focused on the pads, straps, fins and grab handle to improve its riding properties and to make the mounting even easier and faster to fit all personal preferences. Super light weight dual density EVA pro pads are very durable and don’t get worn out easily. You can adjust the stance angle to fit your personal preference. Comfort and quality of the EVA pads prevent your knees from pain even after a long ride. We put on a toe step and a heel locker on the pads, so your feet always stay in the right position and enable the rider to fully control the board with ease. Our brand new straps are lighter and more comfortable than ever before due to improved Quick Fix system II. This improved system makes the adjustments of straps very simple and fast. This year we introduced a new carbon grab handle, which is stiff and light. We use G10 fins with a very thin profile in order to prevent drag. G10 fins are durable and hard to break. Once again, G10 material is the best solution in the industry.

FINS: 5 CM G10