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Flexifoil Mountainboards

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Flexifoil Tracker MountainboardFlexifoil Tracker Mountainboard
Introducing the all new 2009 Flexifoil Tracker Kite landboard

Specifically designed for kite landboarding, the new Flexifoil Tracker deck is ideally suited to beginners or intermediate riders looking for a rush with a powerkite.

It’s unique shape and 11ply rugged construction deliver an easy forgiving ride. The board is very stable and delivers predictable steering, ideal for speed and carving or for taking downhill on no-wind days.

Price: 159.99 / 175.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Flexifoil  Hunter MountainboardFlexifoil Hunter Mountainboard
The shape is unique and has been designed to be perfectly balanced. Under your feet there is a wide platform. This allows the rider to get the maximum amount of turning leverage to enable quick sharp turns. It also gives the rider the feeling of a large solid platform to nail those tricks on.

•Deck Construction
Only the best materials from around the world have been used in the Flexifoil Hunter. We couple an American epoxy with a European hardener to give us the ultimate glue and ensure a very strong solid lay-up. The Hunter also has 4 layers of tri-axial fibreglass within its lay-up. These have been strategically positioned for the maximum weight to strength ratio, a super smooth ride and maximum pop.

Price: 239.00 / 262.90 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Mountain Boards |  Flexifoil Mountainboards

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