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Flexifoil Scout BuggyFlexifoil Scout Buggy
Ref: FF53009
The definitive buggy designed by Flexifoil and Rob Hills, one of the world’s top buggy freestyle pilots. This buggy has been tested under the most extreme conditions and has a great all-round design that’s built to last. Built ED treated steel for superior anti-corrosion resistance with a resilient powder coated finish for additional corrosion protection and a gloss finish. Both the seat and down tube are fully adjustable to cater for most riders.

The wrap-around seat keeps tight to your body as you turn and twist, giving comfortable lateral and back support. Don’t worry about fitting it in the car – this buggy is super easy to dismantle for transportation and storage.


A kite buggy designed for racing, cruising and freestyle at all levels.
ED-treated steel for superior anti-corrosion resistance.
Resilient powder coated finish for additional corrosion protection and a gloss finish.
Designed with extreme freestyle in mind.
Short adjustable wheelbase – perfect control for freestyle tricks.
Based upon the legendary Flexifoil / Rob Hills design.
New adjustable ergonomic seat - a deeper more comfortable fit with added back support.
Stainless steel hardware to withstand the salt environment.
Bombproof lightweight hubs with a versatile tyre suitable for all terrains.
Comes complete with tools, full instructions, and a warranty for peace of mind.

Price: 439.99 / 483.99 (Including VAT at 20%)


Online Catalogue | Buggying |  Flexifoil Buggies

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