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Welcome to We are a UK Slingshot dealer/Retail Shop we have been selling and teaching kiteboarding with Slingshot Kites since day 1 when the first kites were the Slingshot Fuel and the Torch.

We try to accomodate all riders needs and specific requirements for kites and kiteboards. We fully participate in kiteboarding ourselves and have been sponsoring Slingshot team riders as well as other branded riders since 2000.

Our Updated E Commerce system is fully functional ensuring you can purchase directly from our site in a safe, secure, easy way! We also have a fully functional PayPal facility. If you are paying with PayPal. Please read the "How to order Online" section in the links before using the E Commerce system for the first time.

Our prices are currently show VAT included pricing, please email us and we will make you your own special discounted priced section for you to purchase from. Want a package deal, harness and kite combination, kite and board combination price please email us and we will try and help.
Our main site is and we are an authorised dealer for Slingshot. You can visit our main site Here
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